The Sport of Sailing

Sailing, the age old tradition of travelling the seas in a trusting vessel. We're still doing something right, enjoying far away places, ducking into deserted bays and feeling the racing thrill in the sails.

Taboo of St Helier is a cruising yacht designed to be enjoyed by families, couples, friends and colleagues alike.

For the great escape there's nothing like cruising on a private yacht. You've seen the look on envy in the eyes of those stood on the beaches as you anchor up, dive off and swim ashore. It's alife that can only be longed for unless you have a qualified skipper to guide you round the wonders of the Caribbean. You are free to enjoy totally independent cruising, at your own pace and leisure. You can spend as long as you like at a favourite beach or town, or enjoy quick hops and short stops, taking in as much as possible on your holiday.

This is exploring at it's best; a truly exclusive adventure.

Trying sailing for the 1st time?

Thinking about sailing for the first time with family and friends? or maybe you haven't been for a while, and would like to get back into it slowly, Taboo and her crew are the solution to you.

Our qualified skipper and experienced hostess provide a relaxing carefree environment for the perfect learning and action holiday. The skipper can help you learn the basics, or run through with you what you remember and assist on what you don't, at your pace. This non-competitive entry albeit back into sailing or as an introduction lifts the pressure and ensures a fast and effective learning curve.

To discuss learning options please email us on