Charter Taboo

Taboo means forbidden from use, approach or mention. You may feel like you shouldn't have a relaxing break on a 45ft yacht, but it's a treat, an indulgence for a sport and a location that you love. Take a look at the website, browse the pictures, imagine yourself with a cold beer after a day sailing from one island or bay to the next, the warm euphoric feeling of achievement sinks in, and you realise how beautiful life can be.

Sail the islands with friends, family, work colleagues or clients you need to have more in common with than the 9 til 5. Work together to achieve a goal, a qualification or a feeling of belonging. To create a relationship through team work is priceless a bond that takes trust, experience and time.

All of which can be created on Taboo, a dynamic, strong structured yacht both for sailing and relaxing and our team of crew who will help you further your sailing skills and experience, and keep you well fed and watered throughout your stay.

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