Activity Alternatives

So you've been sailing, anchored in a few bays, tasted the glorious sunshine on the white beaches, read your holiday read, listened to your tunes, now it's time to do something different, get more active and discover islands, reefs and the sky!


The Caribbean is home to some of the world's most diverse and sight-stimulating under water fauna and aquatic life. PADI has dive centres scattered over the Caribbean with every island hosting at least one dive company. Rendezvous diving is perfect when staying on Taboo, being collected either by the nearest dock, or even from the side of the yacht, to be whisked away to your dive site for the day. Visit PADI or chat to Louise about school recommendations, first-time diving preparation or ideas for dive sites.


Keeping with the theme of water based activities, why not try your skills at speeding across the water faster than Taboo could pull you! When based near more touristic areas, local watersport centres can offer you a variety of options to test your adrenaline levels. Using the similar skills and muscle sets as for skiing and snowboarding, waterskiing and wakeboarding respectively require a physical stamina but ultimately provide a rewarding and exhilerating experience.


Many people imagine walking or hiking in the Caribbean as a stroll through a hothouse or steam room, with every stitch of clothing sticking to them. How enjoyable can that be?
Actually, the Caribbean has a tremendous range of temperatures. At sea level in the lowland jungle, the middle of the day is just as blistering and miserable as you imagine it to be. Fortunately, the Caribbean's best hiking is in the mountains and cool rainforest. Much Caribbean hiking is above the 1,000 ft mark, more often at the 2,000 to 3,000 ft level sometimes going as high as 7,000 ft. The temperatures are much lower at this altitude, regardless of what the thermometer says at the seashore. With the constant tradewinds, you may have more trouble staying warm than keeping cool, if you go underdressed.
For more information about hiking trails and guides, please visit GORP


Seeing land from the sky is one truly amazing and unforgettable experience. Capturing panoramic views of deserted islands, pristine reefs and beautiful coastline. Antigua has an established company covering Antigua, Monserrat and surrounding islands, however for tours on islands further afield, please send us an enquiry and we'd me more than happy to help.
For helicopter tours in Antigua visit Caribbean Helicopters.

Other activities to consider include:
  • Sightseeing local production factories (redundant or working) for example Rum, Nutmeg, Fish Markets.
  • Snorkelling
  • Horseback riding
  • Steelband concerts